Jason Munro, Elias Rees and T’kido Titasey- The Chuck In (2012)
2nd AD
The Chuck In- Short Film 2012
Brown Cab Productions, Director Jon Bell, Producer Ryan Griifen, 1st AD Tom Read

-Assisting the 1st AD
-Coordinating extras and talent
-Transporting Talent (Driving)
-Locking down the set
-Charging, distributing and logging radios and batteries.
-Communicating between all departments
-Organising and timing meal breaks
-Making and delivering coffee

Australians drink, right? Don’t they? Isn’t that what being a man is all about? Jon, Tony and Rick certainly think so. Three sixteen year olds who concoct an elaborate plan to purchase a carton of liquid gold. The plan, like most plans of mice and men, sounds simple enough. Doesn’t it?

Screen Australia

3rd AD
Harmony- Feature Film 2018
Film Grit, Director Corey Pearson, 1st AD Rick Beecroft

-Recording crew hours
-Transporting Talent (driving)
-Coordinating extras and talent
-Directing background action
-Locking down the set
-Charging, distributing and logging radios and batteries.
-Communicating between all departments
-Making and delivering coffee

Born with an energetic power to absorb fear from others, a young woman must find love to balance the fears of her own and fight an ever growing storm of negative energy.

Art Department
Around The Block- Feature Film 2013
Kick Pictures, Director Sarah Spillane, Production Designer Michael Fitzgerald

-Set decorating and painting
-Mural Painting
-Coorrdinating a team of Graffiti artists
-Transporting materials and team
-Buying for department
-Prop Making
-Standby Props
-Maintaining continuity of set and props
-Communication between departments
-Consultation between Indigenous community leaders and Artists/art department to maintain authenticity and cultural respect.

An Aboriginal boy is torn between his unexpected love of acting and the disintegration of his family.

Assistant Director
Same Drum- Music Video 2018

-Directing action
-Coordinating talent
-Managing playback
-Transporting talent
-Assisting the Director and DOP
-Assisting the Production Manager
-Communicating with all crew
-Communicating with production partners and location owners -Transporting equipment

A group of young migrants from multilingual backgrounds are the stars of SAME DRUM music video, calling for all cultures living in Australia to be united and live in happiness and peace.

Their song delivers a strong message to other migrants about embracing life in Australia, while never forgetting about where you come from. Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Beyond Empathy, DADAA, Community Arts Network and Aranmore Catholic College.


Assistant Director (for reenactment scenes)
Jobs For Women- Documentary 2019

-Helping to plan the shoot
-Site rech with director and communication between site owners and production team
-Coordinating shoot and communication between onset team and Unit/catering
-Coordinating Actors/Extras and Directing Background action
-Calling the shoot
-Writing-up and delivering call sheet

The Jobs for Women documentary film is the story of a diverse group of women who ignite a campaign that changes Australia forever.

What begins as a handful of women confronting the country’s richest company, grows into a community-wide battle from the factory gates to the highest court in Australia.